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Welcome to this website which has provided a very useful working tool for the MVS Project Workbench and Files Organizer utility. This tool is called the "MVS Project Work Manager". It is an ISPF-based working tool package that can be used to simulate the file systems which have been widely used on the PC environments, such as PC Windows, MAC, UNIX, and LINUX. This tool was primarily written in the REXX programming language associated with the ISPF functions.

This tool has provided the methods that can change the traditional ways for the programmers to handle the MVS files on the ISPF panels very easily. This tool package has extensively simplified the ISPF process. By using this tool your MVS programming productivity can be greatly improved. Please click here or click the Introduction link at the left pane to view the Highlight Report document for a quick overview of this tool package.


This is a large MVS tool package. However, it is very easy to learn and easy to use. The total size of this tool is about 8.5M bytes, which might take some time for you to download to your PC hard drive. Please click here or click the Download link at the left pane to download this free software.

After download, you will need to use WinZip to unzip the PC files, and then read the readme.txt file for the detail instructions of how to upload the PC files to your MVS host and learn how to start using this tool.

On the download page, you may read through few simple instructions at the 'Getting A Quick Start' section to learn how to start to use this tool also.


This tool package is an MVS mainframe S/390 and z/OS freeware. It is provided on the "AS IS" basis. This tool package has been tested and proven to be safe, yet it is made available to you without any warranty. The REXX programs released in this tool package are in the compiled code format. The source code of this tool package has been included for you to freely download if the compiled REXX system tool is not available in the MVS system of your company.  

About the author:

Thank you for visiting this Web site. My name is Nicholas L. Sun. I have three M.S. degrees in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics, and I am also a certified Novell NetWare Engineer (CNE), a certified CIW Web Design Associates. I formerly worked for a major computer manufacture company in New York as an MVS system and application programmer and also worked as an engineer in the mainframe hardware design simulation areas for more than 20 years. 

I am the inventor of an Invention named "System and Method for the Emergency Voice-Image E-mail Transmitter Device", which is a Portable Surveillance System that can protect many people around the world to fight against voilent crimes and save their lives. I received a US patent 7,751,534 for this invention on June 22, 2010.   


I would like to thank Mr. Matt Seabold, who was an ISPF developer of that major computer manufacture company in Cary of North Carolina, for his technical assistance that helped me on solving many ISPF related problems while I was developing this tool package during the years working as an MVS programming consultant for that computer manufacture company.

(By the way, for your information this tool package is most suitable for the MVS programming consultants who need to handle multiple projects simultaneously because this tool can organize the MVS files very easily without needing you to memorize a lot of unfamiliar and tedious data set names, and it is portable, easy to install, and easy to use.)

I would like to thank many of my tool users for their numerous suggestions and encouragement. This tool package that I released on the TOOLKIT tools library at the company I used to work is named the MVS Project Work Manager. The short name is PROJWRK.

(If you find this tool is very useful and wish to let me know, or if you have any suggestions about the improvement of a function of this tool package, please don't hesitate to send me an email by clicking here or click the contact me link on the left pane. Do you like this Web site? Please click here to tell a friend.)

I would like to thank Mr. Jack Altman, a good friend of mine who is an Advisory Programmer and a Webmaster of that major computer manufacture company in Poughkeepsie of New York, for setting up the classes and taught many people in that company to learn how to use this tool package.

I would like to thank Mr. Lionel B. Dyck, the author of a very useful MVS S/390 and z/OS Freeware, for his insight information which guided me to build this Web site.

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