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PWUSRGD View the User's Guide in a PDF file from the browser (243 KB).

New 01/31/2002

PWREFGD View the Reference Guide in a PDF file from the browser (595 KB).
(Note: This document file is large and might take long time to be loaded and viewed. Download it to your PC hard drive is highly recommended.)

New 01/31/2002

PROJDOC Download the Highlight Report, the User's Guide, and the Reference Guide documents (638 KB).
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New 01/31/2002



This is an MVS software tool package named "The MVS Project Workbench and Files Organizer". It is also named "The MVS Software Programming Project Work Manager". This tool package can be used by the MVS programmers to organize their MVS program files in a data file library into different groups categorized by projects or by work items, and it can set bookmarks automatically at the places in a program file where the work was left off during the last TSO edit session.

This package is suitable for use by entire groups of programmers involved in only one installation process efforts. Entire development teams can easily view each other's work and each other's Project Workbench setups, provided that they have read access of each other's data sets.

This package requires that you be able to allocate a PDSE data set on your system, and it requires the presence of the IBM REXX Compiler Run-time library. The REXX Compiler Run-time library is shipped by IBM with data set names like:


(Note: My thank goes to Mr. Sam Golob, who wrote the above remarks for this tool package while he was preparing to include it into his great CBTTAPE tool package for distribution. However, due to the size of this tool is too large, it is currently not included in the CBTTAPE tool package.)

Very Important Remarks:

Some of the users complained that the IBM REXX Compiler Run-time library is not shipped to their MVS systems free of charge and their Companies do not want to purchased it. In this case you may use the source code EXEC library instead of using the CEXEC library, which is the compiled version executable library, of this tool. You may download the source code EXEC library of this tool from the Download section of this Web site.  To use the EXEC library instead of the CEXEC library to bring up this tool functions, you need to know how to change the contents of the basic settings in the setup CLIST file which is attached to this tool package in the zip file.

My tool is basically to be used to improve the user-friendliness of ISPF system, which can help the users to write programs and manage files on MVS system much faster and easier. It is quite absurd that IBM does not ship this utility library to customers without charging them.

Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Nicholas L. Sun

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